2019 VoltBike Mariner Review

The Mariner is one of only a bunch of smaller than normal estimated electric fat bicycles I've seen that are intended to be both simpler to mount and ride for short individuals just as transportable for individuals who possibly have a pontoon, RV or trunk space. It's a bicycle that is genuinely versatile with extending stem (to raise the handle bars) and a seat post that can likewise raise and has a worked in suspension component for solace. The edge on the bicycle is solid yet unbending and it accompanies a jolt on back rack so you can include a trunk sack or panniers. Likewise, it has a fog light and tail light for improved security and maybe a touch of rough terrain evening time experience! Eventually, it's a shockingly moderate little bicycle with a major identity that more youthful individuals, ladies and even huge folks can appreciate on about a landscape.

For this survey, I had the option to get the organization that makes them, VoltBike, to send a unit to Cabo San Lucas Mexico for testing at a retreat called Cabo Adventures. This organization represents considerable authority in scuba, zip line and biking undertakings and has been thinking about including electric bicycles however was uncertain how they would admission in the delicate sand (and with various sorts of riders). Eventually, the bicycle worked VERY well in the sand… even delicate sand, which astonished and charmed me. To be reasonable, the majority of our fat tire ebikes dealt with the sand and the bigger wheeled models performed best, however even the 20″ x 4″ tires on this collapsing model endured once the tire weight was brought down adequately. Note, bringing down the tire weight has a HUGE effect on delicate territory like sand or snow. The 500 watt inside equipped Bafang center point engine hurdled along in pedal help and throttle mode effortlessly. Having the option to include control request with the throttle (superseding help on interest) had a major effect for me and my better half and the way that VoltBike utilizes a trigger throttle kept the holds feeling strong versus the half-turn plan that some different bicycles utilize. It's own inclination however and I saw that the throttle on this bicycle is constantly dynamic which implies it could get knock in the event that you neglect to kill the bicycle subsequent to riding (on the off chance that you lift it or choose to overlap and pack it up).

Getting in to a portion of the complains I have about the bicycle… enacting it is a two stage process which takes a touch of additional time and consideration and can drop you thinking about whether it's charged or has a type of issue on the off chance that you haven't ridden for some time. In the first place, embed the key into the battery and go to on then hold the little on catch at the control cushion close to one side grasp. Now the presentation becomes animated appearing, help level, battery level and sone different details about ride time and separation. You can initiate the LED lights by holding up which is exceptionally decent and you would arrow be able to up or down to explore nine dimensions of help yet you can't go to zero. So the throttle and help are always dynamic once the bicycle is on. Likewise, those keys referenced prior are continually dangling and in danger of catching or bowing… however at any rate they're more enthusiastically to lose. I value that the battery pack on the Mariner is mounted low and focus, simply behind the seat tube, and that it has an idea about top for simple evacuation. Be that as it may, you do need to slide the seat and seat present off all together on really evacuate the battery I would say.

Riding the bicycle is simple enough on the grounds that the fat tires are more extensive and more steady than customary ones. They pad the ride a bit and offer a lot of footing. I found that braking with the back kept me stable on delicate sand and turned out to be practically fun like sliding out. The two brakes are mechanical circle and the switches have engine inhibitors so whenever you enact them the power removes in a split second for wellbeing. I adore that the rhythm sensor they picked (for engine enactment) highlights 12 magnets versus six on some different models since that encourages it react faster and on delicate or unsteady landscape it's pleasant to feel in charge. I likewise value the dark shading plan they decided for the bicycle since it conceals the links and wires originating from the brakes, show and shifter in advance as they wind towards the backside. You get six apparatuses here which is extremely insignificant and essential yet the chainring is additional huge to help balance out the additional little wheels. Accelerating feels ordinary and moving is tight gratitude to a somewhat redesigned Shimano Acera derailleur. The shifter switches are additional enormous and occupy some room at the handle bars yet might be simpler to use with gloves… and that is decent in case you're getting this bicycle for use in the snow.

VoltBike is a Canadian organization with an entire scope of various styles of electric bicycles that are all esteem estimated. They just charge $70 to ship to the mainland USA and offer a strong year long guarantee. Note that whenever you're purchasing an e-bicycle or other overwhelming, huge and to some degree complex item online there's space for blunder. The Mariner we got made it right from Canada through the USA and into Mexico with only one busted part. The kickstand got disfigured yet we had the option to take it off and utilize the bicycle without issue. I do like that it accompanies a kickstand and a fun little chime compass combo. It is anything but difficult to expel on the off chance that you needed however generally adds to the fun and feeling of experience. My sweetheart cherished the smaller cylinder since she didn't hit her knee as effectively likewise with some different bicycles we tried and I preferred that both collapsing focuses bolted for wellbeing yet seen that there was anything but an attractive catch or bungee framework to shield the bicycle from unfurling. We as a whole had a ton of fun with this bicycle and the full measured models, VoltBike sells a bigger fat tire electric bike considered the Yukon that I favored for its suspension fork and bigger tires however given the accommodation and noteworthy execution on the Mariner, I could see myself being influenced by the space reserve funds and adaptability… additionally having the option to impart to a more extensive scope of companions. Huge gratitude to VoltBike for banding together with me for this audit.


This is a standout amongst the most reasonable smaller than expected fat bicycles available and shipping from Canada is only $70 to the US… generally speaking it's a fun skilled bicycle and the engine is ground-breaking enough to ride in delicate sand as appeared in the video survey (simply bring down the pneumatic force first)

Low standover tallness makes this an extraordinary choice for children, petite riders like my better half and some different women or individuals with touchy knees or back that can't swing their advantages high

Longer extending flexible length stem enables you to dial in fit, this is extraordinary in case you're a taller rider and I would say the stem didn't feel free or flimsy as certain plans do

The top cylinder is genuinely thin and the joint where it folds doesn't stand out as much as some contending bicycles meaning you shouldn't hit your knee as effectively while jumping on or off (still great to be cautious)

The way that it folds implies you can convey this bicycle to progressively fun spots, simply stick it in your trunk or rearward sitting arrangement

A 12 magnet rhythm sensor gives exceptionally snappy on/off engine execution, it felt responsive and controlled to me which is extraordinary for riding rough terrain… some different ebikes just utilize a six magnet sensor which as a rule requires additional time, this e-bicycle likewise has brake switches with engine inhibitors so the engine stops in a split second at whatever point you brake

I like that the kickstand is mounted far back and off the beaten path, this makes it simpler to take a shot at the wrenches, base section and chain or back the bicycle up without impacting and twisting the stand, I additionally felt that the stand worked really well on the delicate sandy shoreline

Suspension situate present includes the solace of those bigger 4″ wide tires and solace saddle… littler wheels typically aren't as agreeable (less air to pad) so having this post stun truly helps in case you're on an uneven shoreline or trail

Front and back coordinated LED lights truly take this ebike to the following dimension! It's ot something I'd flaw the bicycle for not having on the grounds that I expect most riding would be amid the outing on trails versus evening time yet on the other hand… in the event that it snows or you're enjoying the great outdoors those lights can prove to be useful and do guard you

Front and back bumpers help to keep you dry when riding, they add to the utility of the lights and back rack making this both compact and fit as a hauler maybe for basic supply getting or different errands, I was amazed that they are made of steel anyway in light of the fact that it can rust whenever scratched versus aluminum or plastic which would be progressively tough in salty situations (ocean and salted blanketed lanes)

The back load rack is entirely wonderful! It's built of standard check tubing so you can mount most panniers and even has pannier blockers at the edges to shield your lashes from scouring on the additional wide tires, the rack can bolster up to 25 kg (~55 lbs) and ensures the back light

The bicycle is somewhat back substantial however I cherish that the battery isn't mounted on the rack, rather it is kept low and increasingly focal simply behind the seat tube so you have more space to pull payload and improve balance when riding

Name brand Kenda tires with improved hold and toughness, overhauled mechanical circle brakes with a bigger 180 mm rotor in advance to improve ceasing power

Fun little additional items like the compass ringer make you feel like a globe-trotter however could be effectively expelled in the event that you needed (be cautious with it when collapsing)

Curiously large Wellgo collapsing pedals are a tremendous success for me, they are still little (likewise with most collapsing plans) however are bigger, sturdier and stiffer than the modest plastic ones I see a ton… extraordinary overhaul there ;)

Chain monitor and a metal rest underneath the base section help to secure your chain and sprocket when collapsing and transporting the bicycle

Overhauled Shimano Acera derailleur ought to be more tightly and give more moves between tuneups, it's two stages up from the base dimension Tourney part gathering… you get six riggings on the bicycle which is sufficient yet not incredible

The bicycle sends completely collected including the front wheel so you don’t have to mess around much in order to get up and going


Neither one of the wheels offers fast discharge, maybe this takes into account more tightly more grounded hub mounting yet it means you'll require a device for fixes or level fixes

At ~60 lbs this is anything but a light electric bicycle however given the bigger tires, more grounded engine and high limit battery pack I can comprehend where the weight originates from, in any event the ~7.7 lb battery is removable (profoundly prescribed in case you're collapsing and lifting the bicycle)

I didn't perceive any elastic groups or catches to help shield the bicycle from coming unfurled… consider acquiring your very own portion movable bungee ropes and perhaps utilizing an old towel to shield it from rattling and coming fixed

Considering the rough terrain nature of fat bicycles, I was amazed to not see a slap protect? the chain is moved up to be rust proof and the tubing is aluminum so rust isn't the issue, only the little chips in the paint, consider a secondary selling neoprene monitor this way

Amid our tests, the bicycle more likely than not fallen over or found the bars of another bicycle in light of the fact that the plastic catch cushion got twisted, the spread kind of bowed upward and didn't ensure the clicker underneath too so be cautious with yours, these may very well be more sensitive than the rubber treated level catch plans I've seen on some different bicycles

I cherish that the bicycle offers help and throttle mode however would have enjoyed a throttle-just alternative, minor issue… I additionally discovered that at whatever point the bicycle is on, the throttle is constantly dynamic which can prompt all the more simple unplanned engine blasts (particularly in case you're attempting to overlap it without closing it off first), that said… it's a trigger throttle so marginally more averse to knock than a turn throttle and this is my inclination for going mud romping on the grounds that it takes into account more grasp choices and only a sturdier vibe on the hold

The keys must be embedded and bent at that point left in the bicycle so as to enact and utilize it, this exhibits a few difficulties like jingling keys and potential tangles when riding, think about a little carabiner? When the battery is on you need to press and hold the power catch on the control cushion to enact the bicycle completely… you'll see the presentation spring up at that point

The dark shading was a decent decision in light of the fact that the wires mix in, they aren't coordinated through the casing and stand out a bit straightforward and underneath the edge… yet that makes them simpler to go after fixes, blended…

The engine was somewhat more intense than some different center points yet performed great, notwithstanding for bigger riders, it's a fat-tire explicit more extensive engine from an outstanding organization in the space, Bafang

The engine control link distends legitimately from the finish of the correct side of the hub so be mindful so as not to tip the bicycle onto it (or knock it when collapsing and transporting), this is additionally where the derailleur is so the correct side of the bicycle is simply progressively sensitive all in all

I figure they could make the bicycle harder by including a derailleur watch, taking care of the engine link further (I've seen some various structures that do this) and including a second slam monitor plat to the chainring so you'd have a guide which averts dropping the chain as effectively

The presentation can be swiveled forward and back to lessen glare however isn't removable, this implies it could get knock simpler if the bicycle tips, when you're collapsing it and when it's being put away and transported

Similarly as with a great deal of the collapsing electric bikes I test, this one did exclude bottle confine managers so you should need to get a trunk sack with an inherent jug holster like this for bringing along liquids

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